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A Seamless Design

Welcome to A Seamless Design
~ an interactive portfolio by Nathan Barilka

Recent Projects by A Seamless Design:

Highlights of my recent projects are on display below. Please take time to explore the site further to see my full portfolio and projects explained in greater detail.

General Design: Static Pulse is a quickly evolving Los Angeles group. In their own unique way they have combined Rock and Hip-Hop into what is now known as Hip-Roc.

Static Pulse

Like Whoa

Static Pulse is releasing their first single on radio stations in Los Angeles. I was responsible for all aspects of the single cover to be released on iTunes, including photography and design.

The Rebirth

Static Pulse Website

Visit Static Pulse online.

Twitter: iamstaticpulse

DODOcase: An iPad case company located in San Francisco that creates handcrafted iPad and Kindle cases using traditional book binding techniques.


Google Banner Ads

After DODO Case initiated an aggressive ad campaign with Google, I worked with a PR representative in New York, NY to create a series of online banner ads to promote this fast growing company.



Visit DODO Case online.

Twitter: DODOsays

Photo: Lock House Artistry is comprised of Jason Blaylock and Dan Sherlock who found a shared passion for renovation, style and panache in home dwellings.

HDR Photography

This stunning property, available through Jason Blaylock is found in the hills overlooking Burbank, CA. I took photos of the property using High Dynamic Range (HDR) bracketing, blending and color correcting the images later in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3.

Expore Lockhouse Artistry

Lock House

Visit Lock House Artistry online.

Lock House Lock House Lock House Lock House

A Little Something More